Commercial and Residential Projects

Arbours at Hester Lake

Location: Dade City, Pasco County, Florida

Coastal Design Consultants worked with Arbour Valley Development, LLC for the development of an 80-unit apartment complex, located on 8.35 acres in the City of Dade City, Florida. This included the associated parking, utility and stormwater retention facilities. Our services included civil site design, permitting and processing, and construction phase services. Coastal also modeled the stormwater system to route the offsite hotel stormwater outfall into the onsite stormwater pond. This effort included analysis of the internal stormwater collection system, and checking for new conflicts associated with the upsizing system. A plan for the placement of fill within the future road right-of-way, to the south of the project, was also included. In addition, Coastal designed the sidewalk and performed the associated permitting and processing and construction phase services for the development of a standalone set of construction plans for the addition of 180± linear feet of 5-foot sidewalk, along the right-of-way for Willingham Avenue, from the eastern edge of the Arbours at Hester Lake development, east to US Highway 301 in the City of Dace City, Florida.